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Sasol HQ North East Approach
Sasol HQ South East Approach
Sasol HQ Ground Floor Plan
Sasol HQ First Floor Plan
Sasol HQ Second Floor Plan
Sasol HQ Typical Floor Plan
Sasol HQ North South Section trough atrium
Sasol HQ East West Section trough atrium
Sasol HQ North East Approach Opt B
Sasol HQ South East Approach Opt B

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Bid Entry for SASOL Centre for Redefine Properties, Rosebank
Sr Design Architect                      
2012 competition entry


Responsibilities and Duties Performed: 

  • Conceptual & Sketch Design

  • Partial Presentation Prep Coordination 

  • Member of Presentation Team

Rosebank is home to most of the chemical giants’ “clusters” (departments), currently accommodated in a number of buildings.  The new SASOL Centre will unite all of the disciplines into a single entity. This unification unlocks new potential for both precinct and organisation.

Like a chemical reaction, the new synergy with the precinct, and within the organisation, becomes a generator for innovation. This becomes the core concept of the proposed design - a building that provides maximum opportunity for planned and coincidental interaction, sparking new ideas. 

The central atrium, or Innovation Centre, is the physical architectural device that gives realisation to the core concept. Apart from linking public interface spaces with conferencing (semi-private) and office space, it also contains pause areas, formal and informal meeting spaces, and other shared facilities. Each cluster is represented within the Innovation Centre through a series of interlinked double volume nodes, ensuring that their identities are retained within the unified whole.

The new building is recognised as a major generator of renewal to Rosebank. It will finally realise the north-south axis park that will link the whole of the precinct, rejuvenating most of its more remote areas.

TEAM: Michael Carey (team coordinator/design); Chapman Leijenaar (chief designer); Ludwig Steyl, Raffaella Lapore & Kevin Concalves (Document Compellation & Graphics); Warren de Bruyn (modelling); Burn Studio (photo renderings)

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