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Riverhouse Port Bow
Riverhouse 360 Views
Riverhouse Lower Deck Dining Room
Riverhouse Lower Deck Pavilion Saloon
Riverhouse Galley
Riverhouse Upper Deck Study
Riverhouse Upper Deck Bedroom
Riverhouse Perspective
Riverhouse Exploded Starboard Perspective
Riverhouse Exploded Port Perspective

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12m Commercially Manufactured House Boat
for Queensland Tidal Waterways 
2014 to 2015


Services provided: 

  • Conceptual & Schematic Design

  • Modelling (SketchUp & Revit)

  • Feasability Documentation Preparation

  • Marketing Documentation Preparation

The RIVERHOUSE range of houseboats is inspired by the ocean liner promenade, and aims to redefine waterborne living by offering superb workmanship and luxurious appointment to rival that of a luxury yacht.
PAVILION LIVING AREAS are positioned forward (primary) and on port side (secondary) on both lower and upper deck. Each may be used as lounge, dining, sleeping or studio areas, using reconfigurable and folding/stowable modular furniture. Frameless glass walls and sliding doors, independent of deck support structure, encloses the interiors with minimal visual obstruction. The port quarter spaces are recessed into the utilities deckhouse to achieve practical dimensions. 
UTILITIES are contained in a central deckhouse, which defines the living areas, and also conceals the primary deck supporting structure. Galley and study is grouped with the stair on the starboard side. The spacious galley features ample storage space, a full range of built-in appliances and well-equiped laundry cupboard. A wash room is provided on lower deck, and full shower room on upper deck. 
DURABLE MATERIALS such as powdercoated and polished aluminium, stainless steel detailing, artificial teak decking and compact laminate casework,  ensure both longevity and a high quality in finish. A standard 14 x 6,2m raft with trimaran hulls is used as platform. The outboard hulls houses two 1000l freshwater tanks midships, with 500l fuel and 400l waste holding tanks in the centre hull. Propulsion is provided by two 60 hp outboard motors. 

TEAM: All research, design work, modelling & drafting, image manipulation and presentation composition by A.C. Leijenaar   

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