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Residence in Cannon Rocks, Eastern Cape, 

South Africa 
Design & Project Architect                      
2013 - present (completion due 2023)


Services Provided: 

  • Concept to detail design

  • Construction documentation preparation

Residence Cannon is designed for a game ranger and will be constructed in three phases that will eventually consist of two parallel buildings, enclosing a courtyard containing small wildlife rehabilitation pens. 

Phase 1 and 2 will see the construction of the northern wing, containing two one bedroom cottages and a vehicle and equipment garage. This building is set against the street, immediately enclosing the remainder of the stand. One cottage will accommodate a safari office, and the other will serve as the rangers’ temporary accommodation, converting to student ranger and guest accommodation following completion of phase 3.

Phase 3 will see construction of the game rangers’ main residence, a two bedroom dwelling that will also accommodate tour and student groups for briefing sessions.

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