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The brief for this sloping site in Greenslopes was to preposition the existing "Queenslander", convert it into a 4 bed townhouse, and add a further three 3 bed townhouses behind it. In order to fast track planning approval the Client requested a code accessible solution and RiskSmart submission. The two story height restriction proved the most difficult challenge.


The existing house is dated pre 1942, triggering heritage and neighbourhood character planning constraints. All the original building fabric forward of the roof ridge line is to be retained, and post 1942 elements may be removed.  Colonial architect Charles Tiffin started to apply structure externally in order to provide smooth surfaced internal spaces, and characteristically painted the external structure and boarding in contrasting colours (giving an appearance similar to English timber frame and masonry infill buildings). The existing house is a good example of this, and from the onset it was proposed to use contrasting colours to emphasise the external structure.   

The existing house is raised and an extensive lower story inserted. Its original veranda is relieved of post 1942 fibro board and glass infill, and the original structure and balustrading again revealed. Though internally completely gutted and re-planned, the spatial organisation is again arranged along a central circulation spine, as is characteristic of Queenslanders. Natural ventilation will now rise vertically via a stair well and out via aft-facing roof lights.


Similarly, the layouts of the new townhouses are arranged around a compounded staircase, again serving as a ventilation riser that also allow natural light to penetrate down via roof lights.  All three were carefully massed and positioned to afford city skyline views, and living areas optimally located on the second floor.  

The new buildings make subtle reference to the existing house through the use of a combination of horizontal and vertical board-textured cladding, through the detailing of patio roof structure to reflect that of the existing veranda, and by using a matching roof pitch. Window frame modulation also follows the proportions of those in the existing building. 

The development will maintain the architectural scale and character of the street, and the new buildings will form a respectful backdrop to the original character house.   


Services Provided: 

  • Conceptual design and design development

  • Continuing with full architectural services, with completion due mid 2019


Greenslopes - Street Approach
Greenslopes - North Birdseye View
Greenslopes - New Units
Greenslopes - Interior Looking North
Greenslopes - Existing House

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Townhouse Development, Greenslopes, Brisbane

Res Cannon - Phase 1
Res Cannon - Phase 2
Res Cannon - Phase 3
Res Cannon - NE perspective
Res Cannon - Phase 1 Living
Res Cannon - Phase 1 Sleeping Loft
Res Cannon - Phase 3 Briefing Spae
Res Cannon - Phase 3 Living
Res Cannon - Phase 3 Bedroom
Res Cannon - Courtyard
Res Cannon - Street Approach

Residence Cannon, Cannon Rocks, Eastern Cape, South Africa 

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Residence Cannon is designed for a game ranger and will be constructed in three phases that will eventually consist of two parallel buildings, enclosing a courtyard containing small wildlife rehabilitation pens. 

Phase 1 and 2 will see the construction of the northern wing, containing two one bedroom cottages and a vehicle and equipment garage. This building is set against the street, immediately enclosing the remainder of the stand. One cottage will accommodate a safari office, and the other will serve as the rangers’ temporary accommodation, converting to student ranger and guest accommodation following completion of phase 3.

Phase 3 will see construction of the game rangers’ main residence, a two bedroom dwelling that will also accommodate tour and student groups for briefing sessions.


Services Provided: 

  • Full architectural services, with completion due mid 2019


Residence Sandgate - Approach
Residence Sandgate - Existing
Residence Sandgate - East Elevation
Residence Sandgate - Existing Kitchen to New Living Room
Residence Sandgate - New Living Room to Existing Kitchen
Residence Sandgate - from Study
Residence Sandgate - SE Birdseye View
Residence Sandgate - New Master Bedroom
Residence Sandgate - New Master Bathroom
Residence Sandgate - from the Train
Residence Sandgate - NE Birdseye View

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Trainspotting House, Sandgate, Brisbane

Home to a railway enthusiast, and appropriately situated adjacent to the Sandgate suburban railway line, the design appropriately references rail in its "signal box" addition and rhythmic detailing.  Its new study/project room would serve as trainspotting perch to the passing trains, yet its living spaces had to be sufficiently screened from both rail line and street. 

The modest existing post 1946 "Queenslander" house, and in particular its proportions and roof form,  would serve as direct generator of the new addition, literally through the extension of its lines and forms. As new habitable spaces had to be raised above the 100 year flood line, doing so regardless of the resulting level changes became a challenging and rewarding exercise.   

Apart from revitalising the existing house, the new work will add a new entrance, living/reading room, project room, master suite and double carport. An above ground pool, added amenity, and the privacy to the existing veranda improved by adding a timber slat screen.

The interiors of the new addition celebrates the timber frame nature of local domestic architecture by exposing it.


Services Provided: 

  • Concept development and schematic design