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13 Unit Apartment Building for GHD & the Department of Housing & Public Works, Murarrie
Design & Project Architect                     
2014 to 2015 


Services Provided: 

  • Conceptual & Schematic Design

  • Feasability development with GHD

  • Assessment in terms of:
      - Brisbane City Plan 2014, BCA & AS
      - DPWH V2 Design Guide
      - Livable Housing Design Guide

  • Prepared or supervised preparation of schematic documentation package in REVIT 

GHD is overseeing the investigation into the redevelopment of a number of DHPW single dwelling sites into multiple dwelling developments. ADA was selected to prepare a proposal for a consolidated corner site in Murarrie. The proposal consists of 13 two bedroom apartments over three floors.  

Building mass is visually reduced by stepping it in both plan and elevation, thereby reducing the impact on the single dwelling character of the neighbourhood. Unit blocks are pushed against the street boundaries, thereby maximising the size of the private communal garden it defines. This half-covered space offers various applications of use to the occupants, and is activated by (and observed from) the open central stair.  

The design had to take into account DHPW’s V2 Design Guide, and also the Livable Housing Design Guide requirements, with 4 units at “platinum” standard and fully accessible, and the remaining 9 units at “gold” standard.  

ADA TEAM: Anton Dovey (principal); Chapman Leijenaar (design/project architect); Jesse Plessis (drafting) 
PROFESSIONAL TEAM: GHD (principle agent; planning; structural; mechanical; electrical); Opus (civil); BRW (hydraulic);  mark Baldock (landscape) 

CONTRACTOR: Pellicano Builders