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MFB - South West Perpective
MFB - Africa Centre Entrance
MFB - Africa Square
MFB - Africa Centre Lobby
MFB - Africa Centre Lobby
MFB - Courtyard View
MFB - Courtyard View
MFB - Africa Square Stage
MFB - Context View Down Axis
MFB - Monash Campus Site Plans
MFB - Faculty Building Plans
MFB - Council Room
MFB - Seminar Room
MFB - North Lobby
MFB - Africa Square Approach
MFB - Floor Plans
MFB - Perspective Plans

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15 000m² Faculty Building for Monash University SA, Roodepoort
Sr Design Architect                      
2010 -  2011 (completed August) 


Responsibilities and Duties Performed: 

  • Brief Development with Client

  • Schematic Design & Presentation

  • Design Development to Stage 3 

  • Limited Administration & Supervision

The Faculty Building is the latest addition to the Roodepoort satellite campus Monash University of Australia, and is notably different in “styling”. From its inception it was intended to reflect the continued development and future aspirations of Monash University South Africa. The building continues to define the organisational axis of the academic node of the master plan, and continues the existing colonnade. Together with the existing Campus Centre (library and canteen), it also defines the new cultural heart of the campus, the Africa Square. This multi-purpose gathering space, complete with stage and sized to receive a substantial marquise, will host up to 3000 persons for anything from graduation ceremonies to rock concerts.

The building consists of four main parts, the colonnade fronted Africa Centre, and the three school wings extending eastwards from it. Two lobbies extend from the colonnade and provide direct access to all facilities and levels. The pre-assembly space to the formal facilities is united here, and the resulting spacious volumes may now accommodate occasional gatherings, performances and exhibits. The colonnade and lobbies function in unison with the Africa Square, are intended to be fully accessible to students at all times, and provide a number of pedestrian circulation links to the campus as a whole. 
The Africa Centre is an organisation and facility aimed at promoting foreign investment in local initiatives. Essentially a conference centre, its seminar, tutorial, council and board rooms will supplement the teaching facilities on campus, and be available for use by all campus programs.      

The first of the three school wings accommodate the School of Medical Sciences. As the three programs are still under development, it was impossible to attach a set program to each wing. Instead, the basic plan and section was developed with maximum flexibility in mind. The exercise closely resembled that of a commercial office building, designed to accommodate the future change its developing occupant may require. 
The main level clerestory ensures that ample natural light reaches the centre of the wide floor plate, be it applied as a single space, smaller double loaded spaces or in its current configuration of side-accessed transverse divisible spaces.  

The lower level spaces enjoy access to landscaped courtyards, which in turn are physically and visually linked to the main level lobbies. First floor accommodates respective school administration and shared computer laboratories.

The Faculty Building not only provides a flexible platform on which its accommodated programs can develop, but also aims to make a meaningful contribution to the campus as a whole.   

TC TEAM: Michael Carey (Director); Chapman Leijenaar (Design Architect); Uriel Billings & Yaseen (Project Architects); Riaan van Tonner & Chris Lombard (Drafting) 
PROFESSIONAL TEAM: Pure (structural); RPP (mechanical); Quad Africa (electrical); NPK (qs) 
CONTRACTOR: Blain Projects

PHOTOGRAPHS: Michael Schmucker

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