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Landsborough Two Story Units
Landsborough Satellite
Landsborough Panorama
Landsborough Motor Court Westward
Landsborough Approach
Landsborough Single Story Units
Typical Kitchen

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12 Unit Townhouse Complex for GHD & the Department of Housing & Public Works, Landsborough  
completed 2022 


Services Provided: 

  • Preliminary Sketch Design & Feasibility Study 

  • Design Development to satisfy:

    • Logan Planning Scheme, BCA & AS

    • DPWH V2 Design Guide

    • Liveable Housing Design Guide

    • NDIS SDA Design Standard

  • Tender documentation 

GHD Planning is overseeing the densification redevelopment of DHPW single dwelling sites into multiple dwelling developments. CAMdesign has been collaborating with ADA for over four years as architectural subconsultants to GHD, preparing Preliminary Sketch Designs to ascertain the yield potential of these sites, and if found acceptably feasible, developing the designs into fully compliant proposals and prepare tender documentation.

Once tendered, the developments are let as Design and Construct contracts, with the successful tenderer's architectural team overseeing the construction stage.

14-16 Mill Street in Landsborough represents such a fully realised redevelopment. It comprises of twelve single and double story two bedroom residences. Great care was taken to provide a built environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and hardwearing.  

A combination of brickwork (visually grounding the buildings and also protecting lower walls against impact damage) and "vertical plank" fibre cement cladding (emphasizing the floating roof planes) provides domestic warmth and interesting modulation. 


The complex is configured around an efficient central spine motor court, thereby optimising casual surveillance between residences and allocating as much as possible available space to private gardens along the outer boundaries. 


Internally the living spaces boast slanted ceilings and clerestory windows to optimise natural light ingress. Finishes are kept neutral, with white joinery and "weathered timber" vinyl flooring, allowing residents to add colour and identity with their possessions.


The residents take great pride in their complex and individual homes, evident by its/their current meticulously maintained state.            

The design complies with DHPW’s V2 Design Guide, with 4 units at LHDG “platinum” and SDA "fully accessible" standard, and the remaining 8 units at LHDG “gold” and SDA "robust" standard.  

TEAM: Anton Dovey (ADA); Chapman Leijenaar (design architect); Nadine Lubbe (project architect) 
PROFESSIONAL TEAM: GHD (principle agent; planning; structural; mechanical; electrical)

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