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IMCH - Completed Play Deck
IMCH - Skin Detail
IMCH - Play Deck
IMCH - Site Plan
IMCH - First Floor
IMCH - Elevations

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PHASE 1 Covered Play Deck Addition to IMCH, Brisbane
Design & Project Architect                 
2014 to 2015 (completed May)

PHASE 2 Office Extension to IMCH, Brisbane
Design & Project Architectural Consultant
2014 to present...

Services Provided: 


  • Conceptual, schematic & detail design

  • Client/consultant/contractor interface

  • Prepared DA and BA documentation

  • Prepared construction drawings

  • Structural and services coordination

  • Managed ACIS Simple Works Contract 

  • Site supervision, RFI responses and shop drawing assessment and sign-off



  • Conceptual and schematic design 

  • Client and consultant interface

  • Prepared DA submission 

The new addition adds to the confined covered play area of the school, by cantilevering over the side of the play ground platform. It consists of 80m² of hardwearing artificial decking, covered by a simple composite panel roof, enclosed by glass balustrade offering maximum observation opportunity. 

Much care was taken to achieve a design that seamlessly united with the fine design of the existing building.  Though a simple building, contributions form a number of consultants (arborist, traffic/hydraulic eng) had to be coordinated, due to the sensitive constraints of the site.


The proposed new extension to the administration facilities again responds with great care to the fine design of the existing building, maintaining its character and organisation (the admin component simply extends upwards). It consists of a number of cellular and open plan offices, a reference library and a multi-purpose and sub-divisable assembly space. The original “tower”, acknowledging the heritage of the adjacent college building, is carefully duplicated and again accommodates the popular “parents hub”.

The addition is orientated to ensure an office environment that offers abundant natural light and views of the adjacent eucalyptus forest.

ADA TEAM: Anton Dovey (principal); Chapman Leijenaar (design and project architect) 
PROFESSIONAL TEAM: Optimum Structures (structural); Cardno (civil); ReelPlanning (planner); Steve Bartley (certifier); IAS (arboricultural); RF&A (bush fire); SWC (stormwater); 

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