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Eskom Elevation Comparison
Eskom North Approach
Eskom North Birdseye
Eskom East Birdseye
Eskom South Approach
Eskom Atrium View
Eskom Atrium Canteen
Eskom Concept Sketch
Eskom Plan Ground Floor
Eskom Plan First and Second Floor
Eskom Section

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Competition Entry for 20 000m²  for Mabone for Eskom HQ, Polokwane
Sr Design Architect                      
Competition Entry 2011 


Responsibilities and Duties Performed: 

  • Conceptual & Schematic Design 

  • Coordinate the Bid Professional Team 

  • Manage Bid Documentation Preparation

Apart from the obvious, “energy” as an abstract entity, and in particular within the corporate/workplace context, may be expressed in a number of ways. Conceptually, the proposed new ESKOM building design sets out to explore  the different forms of energy, and how it constantly transmits and transforms:


Intellectual Wealth - the transmitting of knowledge, the combining of specialised rehouses, and the generating of new ideas;
Communication - transparent interaction between organisation and the general public, cultivating understanding and cooperation;
Sustainability - using resources sparingly, reverting to renewable alternatives, and establishing a culture that turns principal to lifestyle.  

The building is essentially an articulated box, containing these diverse energy sources, its solid shell serving as insulator. Sliced horizontally (piazza level) and vertically (open air atrium), the passer-by and patron may experience its more intricate workings visually and physically. 
The internal “street” becomes the conductor that connects the parts, while the two glowing cores represent the nuclei of interaction during day-to-day operation. 
Open plan office space and minimal yet spacious circulation cores ensures maximum interaction opportunity, while ample provision of natural light and fresh air induces a productive and healthy working environment.   

The 45º to-north orientation means that all elevations are unfavourably exposed and a standard facade system, capable of being applied to all elevations, was developed to provide effective passive insulation. A “brown roof” garden restored the natural footprint of the site, while the rooftop solar farm doubled as sunscreens to the atrium.    

TEAM: Chapman Leijenaar (chief designer/team coordinator), Mark Pencharz (design); Raffaella Lapore (Graphics); Colleen Oosthuizen (Document Compellation); Warren de Bruin (3D Imagery); 
PROFESSIONAL TEAM: Mabone (developer); PJC (sustainable design); Divwatt (photovoltaic design); Pamboukin (lighting design); Uys & White (Landscape Architects); DSGN (Space Planning)

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