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Exterior Styling and Construction Documentation
2017 - 2019 (completed September 2019)

Services Provided: 

  • Exterior styling

  • 3D modelling and render preparation

  • General arrangement refinement

  • Construction drawing preparation

CAMdesign teamed up with McDonald Smith Marine Designers on this aluminium motor catamaran, and was responsible for the exterior styling and construction documentation preparation.


The exterior styling design process involved the preparation of 3D models that were adjusted in a three month long process until both owner and builder were happy with the appearance and buildability of the vessel.


CAMdesign was also responsible for the preparation of the aluminium construction documentation, including parts cutting schedules.


Since the owners are specialists in a related industry, they took on the interior design and fitout themselves, and CAMdesign only assisted with general arrangement refinement.  

The vessel was built by Coral Coast Marine Constructions, Bundaberg, Queensland.

TEAM: Andrew McDonald Smith (Naval Architecture); Chapman Leijenaar (Exterior styling, fitout working drawings preparation) 
BUILDER: Coral COast Marine Constructions