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Four Apartments for the Uniting Church of Australia, Rosebud, Victoria

Design & Project Architect                     
2014 to 2015 


Services Provided: 

  • Conceptual to detailed design 

  • Compliant design to DHS requirements

  • Tender & working drawings preparation

  • Structural & services coordination

  • Administration

The Uniting Church of Australia has approached Housing Choices Australia to facilitate the development and operation of a disabled housing complex on a lot adjacent to their Rosebud church. ADA has successfully completed a number of similar developments with HCA, and was appointed on that basis. 

The complex will consist of four households over two floors, each accommodating two mentally and physically disabled persons. Each household is designed to be completely independent, with shared carer accommodation and laundry provided per floor.

Designed in strict accordance with the Victoria  Department of Human Services accommodation standards and design guidelines for the provision of Shared Support Accommodation (1.1), the developments is also adaptable and to Livable Housing Design Guide platinum level.   

The households are centered around a north-facing courtyard, not only improving natural light ingress, but also encouraging social interaction. Much care was taken to prevent the clinical atmosphere usually associated with similar developments. Its domestic character  and scale ensures seamless integration with the existing suburban fabric. 

The dominance of the adjacent church is assured by placing the new building mass as far back on the lot as possible. A similar materials palette is used. 

ADA TEAM: Anton Dovey (principal); Chapman Leijenaar (design/project architect); Tim Prefonteine (drafting)
PROFESSIONAL TEAM: HCA; ENCO (structural & civil engineers); STA (mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineers);  LYA (fire engineers); CCV (Quantity Surveyors)

CONTRACTOR: Next Generation Constructions

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