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Aqua Casa Type A Portside
Aqua Casa Type A Tennariffe
C093 Aqua Casa TYPE C Rev B Aerial Persp
C093 Aqua Casa TYPE C Rev B Plan
C093 Aqua Casa TYPE C Rev B Living Room.
C093 Aqua Casa Bathroom

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House Boat Range
2018 and ongoing


Services provided: 

  • CAMdesign serves as resident Architect and shareholder to Aqua Casa

  • Concept development and feasibility studies

  • Product development and R&D

  • Customisation and related visualisation

Aqua Casa is a floating real estate concept aimed at offering a unique and environmentally conscious waterborne investment. Inspired by the beautiful Queensland waterways, and the steamers that used to traverse it, the units celebrate their setting through unobstructed water views.


A number of base models are available, ranging from small suites to multi level options, and both functional application and interior layouts can be tailored to individual requirements. Standard or bespoke finishes options are available. 


Each model is made up of tried and tested modular components, which can be adjusted or expanded over the life of the unit, or disassembled, legally transported by road, and reassembled elsewhere. High performance materials not only ensure longevity but also optimum thermal performance.


Each unit can be equipped to be fully self sustained, making it less reliant on shore connections. Provision is made for solar electricity and water heating, automated blackwater treatment, and rainwater harvesting.


Aqua Casa also offers a modular finger jetty that is not only able to accommodate shared services, but can unite a number of units into a functional group. 

TEAM: All research, design work, modelling & drafting, image manipulation and presentation composition by A.C. Leijenaar   

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