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909 Ann - Escape Stair Detail
909 Ann - Cladding Detail
909 Ann - Drawings
909 Ann - East Approach
909 Ann - Existing/New Transition
909 Ann - "Shed" Lower Floor Office
909 Ann - Boardroom
909 Ann - Internal Stair Detail
909 Ann - Upper Level Office
909 Ann - Lower Level Office
909 Ann - Renovated "Bunker"
909 Ann - Signage Detail

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300m² Office Extension, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane    
Design & Project Architect                    
2014 to 2015 (completed December)

Services Provided: 

  • Conceptual to detail design 

  • DA & BA submission preparation

  • Construction drawing preparation

  • Structural & services coordination

  • Shop drawing evaluation for structural steel, cladding details & shopfronts

The substantial addition to the Brisbane branch of Condev Construction reflects the recent growth of the company, and showcases the Client’s values and capabilities. 

Inspired by its historic light industrial neighbours, with their dignified masonry-faced industrial sheds, the light construction of the new addition contrasts with the solidity of the existing “bunker”. A thin folded plane encloses the interiors, and opens up towards the east and south, allowing views of an existing row of palm trees and historic saw-tooth brick warehouses. 

Glazed area is maximised within the parameters of the energy report, ensuring an abundance of constant (south) natural light.

A double volume along the south window wall transmits natural light to the upper level, and maintains occupant connectivity.   

The building is constructed of prefabricated (steel structure) and modular (suspended slab and boundary wall) components, thereby limiting operational disruption to the site. Dimensions and proportions were derived from standard modular component sizes, limiting materials wastage. All timber used were recycled from demolition sites.   

ADA TEAM: Chapman Leijenaar (design & project architect); Anton Dovey (principal); Andrew Prefonteine (drafting)                 
PROFESSIONAL TEAM: Neil McKenzie (structural); Anron (mechanical); BDS (electrical/hydraulic); HAL (planners); steve Bartley (certifier); 

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