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44 Grand Central Avenue Approach
44 South Facade
44 Bond Street Approach
44 Main Pedestrian Approach from Train Station
44 Steer Level Lobby
44 Upper Atrium looking West
44 Upper Atrium looking East
44 Typical Lift Lobbies
44 Amenity Interior
44 Gautrain Executive Level Reception Interior
44 Gautrain Canteen
44 Plan Atrium Floor
44 Plan Typical Floors
44 Longitudinal Section

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7 000m² Office Building for Growthpoint Properties, Midrand
Sr Design Architect                      
2011 - 2013 (completed April)


Responsibilities and Duties Performed: 

  • Prepared and presented 4 Conceptual and Sketch Design options

  • Feasibility Development with the Developer and Quantity Surveyor

  • Design Development of Design 4

  • Early liaison with the primary tenant, Gautrain Management Company

The Gautrain, a high speed rail service linking Johannesburg and Pretoria, was one of the most anticipated infrastructure developments in South Africa in recent years. It has now been operating successfully for two years. A new head quarter building was required for the Gautrain Management Company, and the project resulted from a successful bid submission in conjunction with Growthpoint Properties.

The building is situated next to the North/South Gautrain line and Midrand Station. It consists of a series of telescopic boxes, which not only reflect the directional dynamics of the trains, but also allows  unobstructed views along the adjacent rail line from any point within the interior. 

Rental efficiently was improved by developing the original 17m north / 15m south wing with slot atrium in-between into a 40m deep doughnut configuration, with central core and atrium. This resulted in four floors of offices, over four floors of structured parking. The tipple volume shuttle lobby links street and atrium physically and visually.

The central atrium encourages visual and physical cohesion, and ensures ample natural light penetrates deep office areas. Central reception and conference facilities are accommodated at its base, and double volume canteen on the uppermost floors. The atrium truly function as the interactive hub to the building.

Envelope design employs a simple north/south orientation strategy, with shaded northern, and minimal glazing on eastern and western elevations. All have colour tint and low-e glass. East, west and north are single glazed and solar coated to prevent excessive solar gain. South is double glazed with no solar coating, preventing excessive heat loss.

A fan coil air-conditioning plant proved to be most efficient for the given criteria, and a grey water harvesting system further contribute to the sustainability strategy. The building received a 4 star GBCSA design rating, and application for a 5 star as-built rating is pending.                                              

TC TEAM: Mark Pencharz (director); Chapman Leijenaar (design architect); Ludwig Steyl (project architect); Ivan Elliot (drafting); Michael Schmucker (photography)
PROFESSIONAL TEAM: Sutherland (structural/structural); Aecom (QS); Aurecon (green); ARE (mechanical); CG Siza (electrical); WSP (hydraulic); SFT (fire)
CONTRACTOR: LynCon Construction

PHOTOGRAPHS: Michael Schmucker 

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