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17.5m Starboard Bow at Speed
17.5m Concept Sketches
17.5m Starboard Quarter at Speed
17.5m Marina Deployment
17.5m Interiors
17.5m Colour Selection
17.5m Port Bow Cruising

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Design Consultant                     
2014 to 2015 

Services Provided: 

  • Concept Design

  • Vessel Styling

  • Hull Graphics Proposals

  • Presentation Preparation 

“Skedaddle” is an aluminium monohull, designed to carry twenty passengers and four crew on snorkelling trips to the Great Barrier Reef. Based in Cairns, its 40 knot service speed will allow two trips a day.

Andrew designed the hull form, machinery and basic layout, and I was asked to prepare styling proposals that will ensure a distinctive and attractive product. All aspects were inspired by the reef, from colour to form. The brown hull and red interior represents the hard crust of the reef, protecting delicate life forms.  The segmented canopy is inspired by the shell of a turtle.   

In order to increase pre-dive assembly deck area, as well as aid comfortable entry into the water, a fold out transom was proposed. This added 5m² when deployed, seating for observers, and steps into the sea. Two tender deployment options were also proposed as part of the vessel “marina”. A number of alternative graphic schemes were developed. 
Built by Far North Fabrications, “Skedaddle” commenced operation for SeaStar Cruises in December 2015.

TEAM: Andrew McDonald Smith (Naval Architecture)
            Chapman Leijenaar (Product theme and styling development, 3D modelling and render prep, proposal document prep) 

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