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16.75m Starboard Bow
16.75m Starboard Quarter
16.75m Transom Options
16.75m Side Lights Options
16.75m House Side Options
16.75m Starboard Quarter Approach

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Design Consultant                     
2015 (ongoing)

Services Provided: 

  • Fleet Styling Concept Development

  • Styling & Cockpit Options Development

  • Marketing Material Preparation

Marine Engineering Consultants is a leading Gold Coast based ship/boat builder, specialising in aluminium custom motor yachts and commercial passenger vessels. 

The commission involved the updating of the exterior styling of their current motor catamaran models, and providing imagery to market the next generation fleet. 

Styling principles were established, which would achieve subtle distinction, with lines generated from recognisable features from the current fleet, and more aggressive chiselled lines inspired by the nature of its aluminium construction. 

Variations are possible within the framework of the principles, allowing owners to customise their vessel.  This includes various  side light and house side finishes options, and a modulated transom that can be functionally configured to preference.    

TEAM: Andrew McDonald Smith (Naval architecture of original designs, buildablity assessment of design adjustments)
            Chapman Leijenaar (design principles development, 3D modelling and render prep, presentation documentation prep)   

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