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150m Starboard Bow
150m Forward Saloon
150m Starboard Quarter
150m Lido High
150m Lido Looking Forward
150m Aft Club
150m Aft Bar
150m Library
150m Main Lobby
150m Standard Cabins
150m Standard Cabins Images
150m Deck 4
150m Deck 3
150m Deck 2
150m Deck 1
150m Starboard Quarter Approach
150m Dawn Approach
150m Stack Detail

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Proposed Prototype Design for a Cruise Ship     
2013 - 2014

Services provided: 

  • Market Research & Feasibility Studies

  • Conceptual & Schematic Design

  • Regulatory Compliance Development

  • 3D Modelling and Render Preparation

  • Presentation Document Compilation

CruiseCAT is a proposed prototype design for a cruise ship, using the parameters of a recognisable Australian shipbuilding export, a 150m INCAT fast ferry. 

The resulting 8 890 gt vessel is capable of accommodating 200 passengers (in 100 cabins) and 80 crew, and is designed to adhere to SOLAS regulations.

Passenger spaces enjoy spectacular ocean views, with service spaces and crew accommodation encapsulated by passenger cabins. Public rooms are continuously arranged on one level over the length of the vessel, thereby ensuring effortless transition and accessibility.   

A number of innovative features are employed in the standard cabin design to achieve a perception of spaciousness, and to allow flexibility in use.  

As with any class-leading vessel, individualised variants may be developed on the prototype platform. The public rooms offer flexibility in use and are graded (primary, secondary and intermediate), with no specific functional assignment. 

The First Developed Variant, depicted in the renders, will be based in Cairns, offering cruises to the Great Barrier Reef. The vessel features a dive centre, and is equipped with Zodiacs to ferry passengers from a safe distance.  

TEAM: All research, design work, modelling & drafting, image manipulation and presentation composition by A.C. Leijenaar   

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